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Bethan Sweetman (Private Secretary)



For all private appointments or queries, please contact

Bethan Sweetman (Private Secretary)

Tel: 07908 581749

Email: secretarymanojparulekar@protonmail.com

Mr. Parulekar offers consultation and surgery at the following hospitals


Birmingham Children’s Hospital (NHS and Private)

Eye department Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham B4 6NH
BCH eye department 01213339467
NHS secretary Tel: 01213339477
NHS secretary Fax: 01213339461
NHS secretary Email: bwc.eyedepartment@nhs.net

BMI Priory Hospital (Private)

Edgbaston, Birmingham B5 7UG
Priory Hospital switchboard: 01214402323

Spire Little Aston Hospital (Private)

Little Aston Hall Drive, Sutton Coldfield,
Birmingham West Midlands B74 3UP
Spire Hospital switchboard: 0121 353 2444


Oxford Eye Hospital (NHS and Private)

Level LG2, West Wing John Radcliffe Hospital,
Headley Way, Oxford OX3 9DU
OUH switchboard: 0300 304 7777
NHS secretary Tel: 01865 234151
NHS secretary Fax: 01865 234515
NHS secretary Email: Karen.finch@ouh.nhs.uk

Nuffield The Manor Hospital (Private)

Beech Road, Headington, Oxford OX3 7TU
Manor Hospital switchboard: 01865307777
Fax: 01865307663


There is ample parking at the Manor Nuffield Hospital, Oxford, BMI the Priory Hospital, Birmingham, and Spire Little Aston Hospital.

The best place to park when attending appointments at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital Eye department is the B4 carpark postcode B4 6DG https://www.b4parking.com

There is also on-street parking, and several NCP car parks nearby ( nearest is Royal Angus Car Park on Whittall Street) Please exit the car park onto Printing house Lane, and walk towards the modern blue building on Whitall street (Waterfall House which is the extension of Birmingham Children’s Hospital)

After entering Waterfall House, please walk 20-30 yardsdown the corridor (past a small cafeteria on the right), and turn right (there are signs for the main hospital).Walk a further 30-40 yards, and the eye department is on the left, just before the corridor turns left.

If you enter the main entrance of the hospital from Steelhouse Lane, please walk up the ramp and after 30 yards, turn left into the main hospital corridor. Walk approx 30 yards, past ward 2 on the right and turn into the Rainbow corridor (with coloured glass panes). At the end of the corridor (there is a MRI room), follow the corridor to the left and then right, and the eye department is on the right side.


All appointments must be booked with Mr Parulekar’s private secretary

Private Secretary: Bethan Sweetman

Mobile:  07908581749


If you would like to request and appointment please complete the registration form to minimise delay.

Mr. Parulekar Patients - Appointment form

*We bill insurance companies via Health Code. Occasionally, the policy number is rejected, in which case you will be asked to call your insurance company and ask them to provide us with an email address that we can use to send the invoices.

All questions MUST be filled in to reserve an appointment. Please note that all future communication will be given via email unless requested otherwise. A secure email system is used. There is an additional password protected system for emails containing private information such as, clinic letters and invoices. A text message will be sent to you containing the password. Please also note that due to the increasing amount of missed appointments Mr. Parulekar has introduced a penalty fee of £50. You will automatically be invoiced if you fail to attend an appointment or give less than 24 hours’ notice. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate and contact Bethan Sweetman via Email secretarymanojparulekar@protonmail.com or call 07908581749


Manoj V Parulekar
Manoj V Parulekar
Consultant Ophthalmologist
Bethan Sweetman
Bethan Sweetman
Caroline Dodridge
Caroline Dodridge
Laura Ramm
Laura Ramm
Monica Clare
Monica Clare
Hilary Wager
Hilary Wager


The first appointment will usually take longer, approximately 30min to 1 hour, depending on the need for eye drops to enlarge (dilate) the pupils. Follow-up examinations take 20-30 minutes, sometimes longer if eye drops are needed.

Mr. Parulekar will spend time making the patient (child or adult) comfortable, before conducting the relevant examination. This will usually include vision tests, glasses (spectacle) check, and a detailed eye examination.

Please bring any relvant information such as referral letters from GP/Optometrists/Specialists, previous spectacle prescriptions if possible, spectacles and other relavent medical information.

If the patient is allergic to any medications, please inform Mr. Parulekar at the start of the consultation.

Mr Parulekar will explain the findings, discuss the treatment plan, provide all relevant information, and arrange followup as needed. There will be ample opportunity to ask questions.

Mr Parulekar will write to you and your GP/Optometrist/Specialist after the consultation, and all relevant specialists will be copied in. Please inform Mr Parulekar if you would like any other health professionals to be copied into the clinic letter.


Some patients will need an orthoptic assessment, which may be in addition to Mr Parulekar’s consultation. This will typically take 30 minutes, and will be scheduled prior to seeing Mr Parulekar, usually the same day.


Mr. Parulekar may request additional tests such as OCT scans, Ultrasound of the eye, Retinal photographs, Visual field tests, and Electrical tests of vision. The test will be arranged in whichever hospital the facilities are available, and will incur additional charges which will be advised at the time of booking the test. The cost of tests are usually covered by insurers, and patients are advised to seek prior approval.


Mr. Parulekar will offer referrals to other specialists eg neurologists or pediatricians where appropriate. If required, Mr. Parulekar will transfer care to the NHS in Birmingham/Oxford/Other hospitals.


Mr Parulekar accepts self referrals, as well as referrals from GPs, Optometrists and Other consultants. Insured patients are advised to request a referral from the GP, as many insurers will insist on this to approve the consultation.


Occasionally, patients have reported that their insurance company’s call centre has attempted to divert their care toward another doctor. The alternative practitioner suggested often does not specialise in paediatric ophthalmology, or squints, or works quite some distance away. As a result, many insured patients are discovering that they cannot always see the specialists they want. The phrase that tends to be used is “Mr ABC does not stick to our fees or, he is not on our list”. This is not accurate. Mr Parulekar is recognised by all UK insurers, and most large international insurers.

Different insurance companies have varying levels of reimbursement. Many insurers have not increased their fees for the past decade, and some have reduced their remuneration, despite increasing costs of running a practice. Like many other experienced consultants, Mr. Parulekar is not fee assured with any of the insurers. However, most insurers will consider his expertise, and time he spends with his patients, and cover the full cost of consultations, in line with the insured member’s policy. If the policy does not meet the full costs of treatment, the patient will be responsible for the shortfall (difference). It is important to contact your insurer before treatment to clarify the cover.


Please note AXA have set an upper limit for what they will reimburse some of their members (£125 for first consultation, and £95 for follow-up), and Mr Parulekar’s patients will experience a shortfall of £115 for first consultations and £65 for follow-up consultations. This shortfall will be invoiced directly to all AXA patients. Some AXA members can receive full reimbursement, so it is best to clarify this in writing with the insurer.


Mr. Parulekar is recognised by all UK insurers, and most large international insurers. Most insurers will reimburse his fees in full. However, he is not fee assured with any insurer, and there may be a shortfall due from the patient with some insurers. Medical insurance companies are not regulatory bodies. The term “assured” by an insurance company only refers to the financial terms of the insurer. It is only a financial consideration, and not indicative of a quality assessment.

Mr. Parulekar treats a wide range of childhood eye conditions including squints (strabismus), paediatric cataracts and glaucoma, oculoplastics (eyelid surgery), and neuro-ophthalmology, ocular oncology, and external eye diseases. He is an expert in assessment and treatment of childhood and adult squints and neuro-ophthalmic disorders.



Mr Parulekar routinely sees patients from UK and Europe for second opinions, before returning the care to the primary consultant in most cases. It is customary (and Mr Parulekar’s preference) to write to the treating consultant with the findings, and treatment plan, to ensure sharing of information, and maximise benefit to the patient. If, for some reason, you would not like the letter to be sent to the treating consultant, please discuss this with Mr Parulekar at the consultation.


Consultation Fees: Insurance companies will be billed directly and S-P patients will be billed following their consultation and payment is usually done via BACS and must be paid within 2 weeks.

The fees for consultations are as below:

  1. New patient consultation- £240
  2. Follow-up consultations- £160

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